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LG Energy Solution Wrocław donates PLN 5 million for modernisation of water supply infrastructure

With the support of LG Energy Solution Wrocław – a producer of batteries for electric cars operating in Biskupice Podgórne – the communal water pumping station in Bielany Wrocławskie will be modernized. It’s the next stage of the expansion of water supply infrastructure in Wrocław and Kobierzyce Commune.


The funding agreement has been signed by the CEO of Kobierzyce Waterworks and Sewage System Company and the CEO of LG Energy Solution Wrocław (former LG Chem Wrocław Energy).

Due to the dynamic development of further companies operating in the sub-zone the demand for water in this part of the agglomeration has increased significantly. However, apart from the industry, the inhabitants of the commune will also benefit from the investment.


It is an agreement thanks to which Kobierzyce commune will have the possibility to connect other investors to the water supply system and will secure the water supply – especially for the economic zone. Additionally, we will relieve our water treatment plants, which rely on underground water and are the main source of supply for our residents”, says Ryszard Pacholik, Kobierzyce Commune Head.


LG Energy Solution Wroclaw, in connection with the ongoing expansion of the factory, which will provide no less than 500 new jobs, will be one of the important water consumers in the commune.


I am very glad, that we can participate in this project. From this place I would like to thank KPWiK for their cooperation, thanks to which we will be able to continue our activity in Kobierzyce commune for the next decades. I’m also convinced that the joint investment in infrastructure will have a positive impact on the local development”, emphasizes Jeong Kyong Deuk, CEO of LG Energy Solution Wrocław.


The modernisation of the pumping station together with the construction of two retention tanks is the next stage of the expansion of the water supply network in the south of Wrocław and in the Kobierzyce commune. In January 2019, an agreement to this effect was signed by the President of Wrocław, the Vice-President of the Industrial Development Agency, the Head of Kobierzyce Commune and representatives of the Municipal Water Supply and Sewage Company in Wrocław and Kobierzyce Water Supply and Sewage Company.


I would like to thank LG Energy Solution Wrocław for their help and understanding of the water shortage problem. Thanks to their financial support we will be able to complete our investments, which should ensure a trouble-free and comfortable water supply for all Kobierzyce residents and businesses operating in the area”, says Konrad Żechałko, Kobierzyce Waterworks President.


The total value of the investment on the Kobierzyce side, i.e. the construction of a 5.5 km DN 500 water main together with a water pumping station amounts to approximately 30 million PLN. The scope of investment works carried out by the Wrocław waterworks also includes the construction of a section of the DN 800 water main in the south of Wrocław and a zonal water pumping station. Their cost is around PLN 25 million.


Completion of works on modernisation of the pumping station in Bielany Wrocławskie is planned for the second half of 2021.

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