Frequently asked questions


We are Europe’s largest producer of batteries for electric cars. In Biskupice Podgórne we produce all
components of the battery up to the product ready to install in the car.




We are recruiting for positions directly related to the production of batteries for electric cars and administrative and office work. Full list of current offers can be find here.




Our benefits include co-financing of meals (a two-course lunch from 5 PLN), free employee transport (for production workers), a MultiSport card, private medical care with the possibility to extend it for the family, co-financing of English language learning, benefit platform and others.




Please send your CV directly via the application form under the selected job offer.




Due to the pandemic, interviews take place online – via instant messaging. Candidates receive a link to the online meeting in an email sent by the recruiter.




Yes, we ask you to solve 12 Pymetrics games that allow us to discover the potential of future employees. Candidates can access them online.




For most positions, the maximum time is two weeks. For operator positions, we make every effort to return with a decision within two working days.




We organize transport only for candidates for positions directly related to production (Operator, Technician, Shift leader). Transport is provided from the locations located on the routes designated by LG Energy Solution Wrocław. A detailed list of locations is available here.
It is also possible to get there by public transport from Wrocław (lines 602 and 607). The current timetable can be found at:





Most production workers work a four-brigade system. This means two days of work at night (6:50-7:00), two during the day (6:50-17:00) and four days off. Some positions have a system of one day at night, one during the day and two days off. Office workers usually work from Monday to Friday 8:00 – 16:15.




Yes, depending on current production needs. Employees can collect them, and when this is not possible they are paid in addition to their salary.




Wages are paid by the fifth of each month.




For production workers, promotion is possible after 6 months of service. For clerical workers, the time is a minimum of 12 months.




In production positions, it may be difficult to combine work and study due to the four-hour rota system.
It is possible to combine working in administrative and office jobs with part-time studies.




For office positions it is possible to work during the following hours: 7:00 – 15:15, 8:00 – 16:15, 9:00 – 17:15.




We do not currently foresee exclusive remote working. It is possible to use it in exceptional situations, with the approval of your supervisor.




Yes, for office workers.




No, this is not possible.




Yes, our company provides induction training and training to improve employee competences.




This depends on the background of the former employee and the reason for termination. We will be able to reconsider your application once we have received your former manager's opinion about your