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Opening of the Rescue and Firefighting Centre at LG Energy Solution Wrocław

LG Energy Solution Wrocław has opened a Fire and Rescue Centre on the premises of the production centre in Biskupice Podgórne. The investment is another measure to ensure the highest level of safety for the plant, as well as for all companies operating in the Euro-Park Wisłosan economic zone and the residents of surrounding towns.


LG Energy Solution Wrocław is the largest employer in the Wrocław sub-industrial park. The producer of batteries for electric cars employs around 10,000 people and occupies almost half of the 210 ha of Biskupice Podgórne’s investment area. The activities of such a large company are also associated with additional safety measures.


Since we started our investment in Biskupice Podgórne in 2016, LG Energy Solution Wrocław has become the world’s leading manufacturer of batteries for electric cars. I am all the more pleased that thanks to the operation of the Rescue and Fire Fighting Centre we will be able to even better protect the safety and precious lives of all members of our team, as well as prevent all potentially dangerous situations – says Sukwon Choi, CEO of LG Energy Solution Wrocław.


During one shift, 8 firefighters watch over safety of the plant: 2 on duty and 6 ready to undertake rescue and firefighting operations. All of them are employees of LG Energy Solution Wrocław. Thanks to their knowledge of the area and round-the-clock availability, firefighters can be on the scene within 3 minutes. For comparison, currently the nearest unit of the State Fire Service is still at least 15 minutes drive from the economic zone.


For almost 17 years I have been witnessing the development of the economic zone, which has become a great centre of industry in Kobierzyce Commune. Today, however, we are not celebrating the opening of yet another factory, but a centre that serves both the manufacturing industry and the local residents. Additionally, we are in the process of finalising the construction of a fire and rescue unit in Tyniec Mały. It is another investment, which will ensure a high level of safety for the industrial park in Biskupice Podgórne – comments Ryszard Pacholik, Kobierzyce Commune Head.


LG Energy Solution Wrocław firefighters can intervene in case of fires, employee collapses or even accidents on the roads of the industrial park. Additionally, thanks to several hundred cameras they can monitor the company’s production areas, as well as supervise the fire alarm system consisting of over 50,000 fire detection devices. Such solutions make it possible to react even faster to a potential threat. All employees of the Centre are certified as Qualified First Aid Rescuers. Firefighters have at their disposal two high-class rescue and fire-fighting vehicles: a light one with a capacity of 300 litres of water and a medium one with a capacity of 3 thousand litres of water.


The Rescue and Firefighting Centre is located in the central part of the plant, in a newly constructed building with an area of over 600 square metres. The facility, with its back-up system, is fully independent and functions even in the event of a power failure.

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