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Five years of LG Energy Solution Wrocław

Several dozen production lines, over 9,500 employees, one hundred hectares of land, investment costs exceeding EUR 3 billion. LG Energy Solution Wrocław – Europe’s largest producer of batteries for electric cars – is celebrating its fifth anniversary.


The industry of electric cars and batteries that power them has developed dynamically in recent years. Poland is the European leader in the production of electric cars, overtaking among others Germany and Hungary. Experts from the automotive sector underline that the investment of Korean LG Energy Solution located in Biskupice Podgórne near Wrocław, was decisive for the country’s leading position.


European tycoon

Although it has been only five years since the company was established, originally called LG Chem Wrocław Energy, the plant is Europe’s largest and the world’s leading producer of lithium-ion batteries for electric cars. Its customers include such automotive brands as Audi, BMW, Fiat, Ford, Porsche and Volkswagen.


Sukwon Choi, CEO of LG Energy Solution Wroclaw, comments: By supplying batteries to major European and North American car manufacturers, we are opening a new page in the history of the automotive industry. Predictions indicate that the field of electric vehicles will develop at a very fast pace. I am convinced that our company will become the biggest and best in the world in this field, which will be the result of the hard work and enormous commitment of all our employees.


From Seoul to Biskupice Podgórne

Korean concern LG Chem – the parent company of LG Energy Solution – started developing batteries for the automotive industry back in 2000. Less than 10 years later it was the first company in the world to supply such batteries to Hyundai Motors and became the exclusive battery supplier to General Motors.


Contracting more customers and the dynamic development of the industry required increasing the production capacity of the company. Back in 2009, construction of a battery factory in Ochang, Korea, began, a year later in Michigan, USA, and in 2015 a twin plant was built in Nanjing, China. In 2016, construction began on LG Chem Wrocław Energy – Europe’s first battery manufacturer for electric cars.


As Jacek Sutryk, Mayor of Wroclaw, says: Electromobility is the future – in Wrocław we know this well. I am glad that the world leader in this industry operates and develops in our agglomeration. LG Energy Solution Wroc³aw is also known as a good employer, employing thousands of people and stimulating the creation of new jobs among sub-suppliers. At the same time, the LG plant and its sizable Korean community have become our friends, the people of Wroclaw and Lower Silesia, enriching our community and culture.


Further prospects

Last year’s figures clearly show the rapid pace of growth in the EV sector. In 2020, there was a large increase in the export of batteries for electric cars from Poland. Its value amounted to nearly €4 billion (an increase of almost €2 billion compared to 2019), accounting for 1.7% of the total value of Polish exports, Financial Observer noted. Currently, Poland is the largest exporter of car batteries in the EU.


Thanks to the investment near Wroclaw, our country has become one of the most important centres of innovative, thriving technology. This has resulted in the creation of thousands of jobs, elevating our country to the position of European leader in the industry, as well as attracting further investors.

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